I am Louis Reichert and stay in Walvis Bay Namibia when I turned 40 in 2007 I bought my first mountain bike. I started cycling with a friend of mine Torsten Hermann. After about 3 months I felt like a changed man as I lost 16kg and could ride much faster and longer than when we started.

My inlaws bought a house in Uis, an old mining town about 220km from Walvis Bay and this is where I had my first expereince on riding on dirt roads. When I came back from there I told Torsten we must find some offroad places to ride here. After some exploring we found a place in the  desert just outside of town and we started riding our track together with another friend of our's Klaus Frielingsdorf.

After using this track for more than a year we held our first event there and after that the Coastal Cycling Club was formed we have now done 4 events there so far including the Namibian XC 3 in the track that Klaus revised for this purpose.

I do not get much time to go to Uis any more but when I go I always make sure to get at leat 1 ride in. I just love the place and think it has the potential to become a mountain biking hot spot as it offers all kinds of terain for cross country, trail riding, enduro and down hill.

UIS mountain biking

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